Reel vs Real life

If we were to guess what was the first thing you did this morning, it would be scrolling, liking, or sharing something on Insta, FB, Twitter, or any other social media. If the answer is yes, you might be more dependent on social media than you actually realize.

There is no denying that social media is extremely useful for connecting with friends, growing businesses, and helping freelancers, but the downside is that people have managed to trap themselves inside this bubble, with detrimental effects. Spending all that time on social media slowly starts blurring the lines between real & reel.

The gap between Real Life and Reel Life (Social media life) is widening as we speak. For instance, a person’s social media life is seen as a symbol of good & fun times. But the pressure of living the perfect Reel life has its consequences on how people are trying to live their real lives. It seems like everything is done and lived with the intention of capturing it and sharing it on social media. Another ugly truth about real vs reel life is that it has become a competition of Numbers, Who has more likes, comments, and followers. What was meant to be a place where everybody came to have a good time has now become fraught with complications of becoming the ‘most successful social media account.’ There is more to social media and staying connected than what it has become.

So, is there a solution to all of this? A solution that can allow people to be as real as possible on social media and yet be true to themselves? With Zlen, our main vision and purpose revolves around solving this problem.

We’re aiming to revolutionize your social media experience. Zlen allows everyone to be authentic & real by enabling people to create a space where it is just your own people. You don’t have to think twice about what you post, how your photos look, or if somebody will post negative or opinionated comments.  You are no longer putting up things tailored to meet the expectations of other people.

Zlen allows you to stay as real as possible and be comfortable in your own skin. On the app, every single user exclusively gets a unique code when they sign up. This code acts as an entry barrier which means nobody can find you on the app by your name, number, or email ID. This ensures that you can create a space with the people choose, instead of the whole world having access to you. There are many other features on the app that ensures a private social space; you can read about the features here

So what are you waiting for? Download the Zlen app on the App store/PlayStore and be a part of a journey that is more empowering instead of pretending to be someone else.

Be Real, Be Authentic, on Zlen.

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