What PRIVACY means at Zlen

Our digital lives took off like a rocket to the moon as the pandemic landed. Ever since, there’s been no looking back as everyone became digitally ‘available’ and social media was a means to connect with one another.

As we fought personal and professional battles with the pandemic, sharing key moments of our day on social media made us feel like we really were all in this together. Whether a post, a story or even a quick 30-second video – but sharing this with the world gave also had its drawbacks. Every now and then, we come across work colleagues liking our update or worse, a comment like ‘lukin gud dear’ and ladies, you know the feeling better than anyone else, right?

So, at Zlen we came up with an idea, a simple solution to your layered problems, well, the social media one at least. ‘Privacy For All’ is the ethos on which Zlen is built and we strive everyday through Zlen to build an ideal place that respects your privacy and at the same time lets you enjoy it with your trusted circle.

So how do we do it? A little insight into how we have your best interest at heart

Code your way to privacy

Well, not literally, for you at least. We’ve done the heavy work, with our team spending countless hours of complex coding to give you Zlen.

But the code that ensures your privacy on the app is your very own unique Zlen Code, that you can share with your closest friends to invite them to your very own private space. Without this code no one can find you on Zlen, so even if you’re on someone’s contact list who has joined Zlen, they will still not know that you are on Zlen, unless you share your Zlen Code with them. We ensure that you have NO DISCOVERABILITY on the app. Even if you google a Zlen Code you wont find anything.

What this feature also does is that it protects everyone’s privacy on your list. If tomorrow you create a group with your mutuals, but they are not connected to each other, their identities however remain anonymous to each other and would show up only as Someone On Zlen. This is unlike on other social media groups or group chats where everyone’s profile & number is accessible. The same is the case when your mutuals like or comment on your posts but are not connected with each other.

Have your inner circle only and no extras when you use the app and bid adieu to any unwanted or unsolicited messages. No one, other than you, and your added contacts will know that you’re on Zlen.  

What’s yours is yours, honey

Ever wondered what happens to your data like your gallery, messages & contacts, once you give permission to an app? Well, in most cases, your entire gallery and contacts get copied to the server of the app and your data, isn’t just yours anymore. With Zlen, the app won’t ever copy your media from the gallery or contact data on its server. That’s how serious we are about your data.

No crumbs or cookies

Picture this – you’re browsing places to go for a staycation or even chatting with a friend about it and you start seeing related ads on your social media feed, emails and even text messages. Not so appetizing when you’re casually browsing, or in general to have that constant feeling that someone is reading your messages, regardless of how noble the intentions.  On Zlen, along with end-to-end encryption, your chat details remain your own since no third-party cookies are used and none of your data is shared, not even with Zlen. Unlike other corporations who have multiple apps and share data across platforms, at Zlen we have only one platform but here your data is your data only. Just because you spoke about cheesecake on Zlen, you won’t suddenly see ads about the best bakery in your area popping up on your timeline on other apps or on Google.

Digital Footprint? Thank but no thank you!

These days, there’s a digital trace to everything you do – the story, the post, the 30-second video. It’s all available in the public domain, these private pieces of information. We certainly understand the need for keeping your public life private so you can share content with your inner circle to your hearts content. Any of your media that you remove from the timeline gets removed from the Zlen server too. What’s more is you can turn on disappearing chats with varying time limits right from 5 seconds up to a week, which ensures that the message gets deleted after your friend reads it. Poof! Gone forever. No trace of it for anyone to find.

Need a fresh start? no problem

We might not always get a fresh start in life, but we can definitely do that on social media! However, on other social media unless you’re creating an anonymous account, its quite possible the problems that plagued you then could rear their ugly head again. With messenger, there is no escaping unless you throw away your sim.  Zlen gives you a fresh start without any of these hassles. When you feel like you might want a do-over on Zlen, just delete your account and get a brand new Zlen Code and dive in to begin again, all while using the same mobile number to register on the app.  

With our social lives being more digital than physical, drawing boundaries while securing your data becomes imperative. This privacy goal is what drives us at Zlen and we hope that you would also take the right steps towards securing your online social media presence by trying out Zlen.

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