Zlen is all about sharing your life with those that matter the most. Zlen users value their privacy, cherish their friends, and love building real connections. To celebrate this uniqueness we have a made list of experiences that embody the Zlen experience.

1] River Rafting at Devpragyag-Rishikesh

“Yunhi chala chal raahi,

Yunhi chala chal raahi,

Kitni haseen hai ye duniya”

With this song running in mind, the splashing of water, and the excited laughter of your friends, the moment in that raft feels like a movie with you as the main character. This is one of the most popular and thrilling experiences you can have as a friend group. As you snake down the river through grade 2 & grade 3 rapids, there will be no shortage of thrills as the adrenaline pumping through your veins will make this an unforgettable memory for you and your gang. As always do some research, speak to people and get the services of professional and well-recommended rafting organizers to ensure that you safely enjoy this activity.

2] Hot Air Balloon ride in Rajasthan

The pink city, Jaipur, has more to offer than just stunning architecture & culture. You can also experience the thrills of a hot air balloon ride with your closest friends. You don’t have to travel to Cappadocia when we have it right here in India. Just imagine the stunning views, the wind coursing through your hair, and your favorite people with you . A good Gro-Pro or maybe a drone and you will be able to capture some amazing moments. The best time to visit is between September to June and goes up to a height of 4000ft. 

3] Coracle ride in Hampi, Karnataka

Don’t be deceived by the picture. It may look like an easy ride but trust us when we tell you that you are in for one of the most thrilling boat rides complete with whirlpools, high currents, and crocodiles. Taking a ride in a round boat must feel like a round table conference except with the people that you actually have fun with.

4] Chadar- The frozen river trek

We don’t want to scare you away but this trek is one of the most dangerous treks in the world. So just grab a drink and say “darr ke aage jeet hai”. The beauty of the scenery will leave you awestruck, and the sub zero temperatures will leave you, well, freezing. Better that the whole gang better hits the gym before planning for this adventure because its a 105 km trek at 11,000+ ft. (PC : Teckchand sharma)

5] Skiing in Kashmir

Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Pahalgam are called the heaven on earth. The snow capped mountains and the chilly weather makes you feel the magic in the air. An extraordinary experience with some Maggi and hot kahwa with your close friends is something that cannot be missed. Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering offers certified skiing courses in January and February. If you and your friends manage to get into the course together, these would be one of the best 15 days in your entire life. But if you don’t have those many days there are more than enough service providers to go skiing.

6] Sea Walk/Scuba diving in Andamans.

After ZNMD, the craze for scuba diving has grown massively in the country but Andamans has always been the go-to place for Scuba Diving enthusiasts from across the world.. The exotic untouched marine life feels like a whole different world; so scary yet so beautiful. Even if you don’t know swimming it is alright doobna toh aata hai na (iykyk). Once you do this with your best friends you are more than half way to successfully unlocking the quote “ We are together earth, sky or water”. You can dive at Port Blair, Havelock Island or Neil Island with many scuba dive shops across these places. Mind you, tourist season gets very crowded.

7] Beach camping at Gokarna

There is more to beach life in India than Goa (we love Goa!). Gokarna is one of those hidden pearls that will make your heart swell with joy if you are a Sun & Sand person. This is your sign to call up your friends and make a plan to head for the beach. Night time bonfires, some guitar and cool sea breeze sounds like something straight out of a movie. Get some vitamin sunlight and watch your skin glow.

8] Rock Climbing in Malana, Kasol

How do you react when someone throws a challenge at you? If you and your friends are one of those who lives for that adrenaline rush while doing challenging activities then rock climbing is for you. Watching heaven-like scenery from being barely stable on a harness gives you a perspective on life like nothing else. But if you are in doubt about is this a good sport for a bunch of friends, let us remind you climbing is all about partnership – with one person belaying (controlling the rope) which means you are never alone.

Note: Knowledge of proper climbing techniques and the use of specialized climbing equipment is crucial for the safe completion of routes.

9] Trekking at Humpta Pass

Hum hai raahi ‘Yaar’ ke, Phir milenge chalte chalte. Get your friends together for the most talked-about trek in the corridors of the Himalayas. Standing at the top of the Humpta pass at 14,000 feet you will experience two different worlds, what’s behind and what’s ahead. A 6 day long trek with contrasting landscapes and unlimited memories makes this one definitely a must-do with friends. Although the distance that you will cover in the Hampta Pass trek is merely 26 km, the entire trail with its ever-changing landscape seems like one long walk into the four seasons itself where you get to experience the warmth of golden sun rays, see spring flowers blooming in the meadows, and feel the cold that seeps through the deserts of Lahaul – Spiti.

10] Kayaking in Havelock, Andamans

Slowly gliding into the woods with mangroves all around and the sounds of the jungle adds another dimension to this kayaking experience in the Andamans. While the stream is mostly steady with sudden jumps of small currents and mild turnings, it offers the perfect opportunity to take some great photos. As you explore further you can feel the shade surrounding you from all sides and opening into a wide view of the sea after a while.

11] Quad biking in Manali

A windy terrain, an adventure that cannot be forgotten. Located alongside the mighty Beas river is an off-roading experience like no other. A test of your driving skills between the subtle beauty of Manali. The activity starts at Kullu Manali valley for approximately 15 minutes in the adventure after training. 

12] Sunset Sailing at Gateway of India, Mumbai

If ‘Sham bhi koi jaise hai nadi, lehar lehar jaise beh rahi hai’ is the song that gives you chills then this is something that you can’t miss. All you need is some Wine, Music, and your closest friends to make it a perfect Weekend. This is the best way to cherish the beautiful coastline along with some migratory Siberian Seagulls and celebrate your friendship.

If you haven’t downloaded Zlen yet, let us tell you what makes Zlen & Zlen users unique. Zlen is a social media & messaging platform with a focus on privacy. It lets you create your own private social circle. You might be thinking how can ‘private’ & ‘social circle’ be together, well that’s what we make possible. A social space online where you are in control of who can see you, find you, and even message you.

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