Made In India, For A Global Audience

We as Indians take a lot of pride when something is ‘homegrown,’ and even more so if it takes prominence on the global stage. To be honest, there is no better time than now for Indian entrepreneurs to create innovative products and services that can stand on par or even be better than the Silicon Valleys of the world. The start-up ecosystem is buzzing with an energy that hasn’t been seen before. In fact, the word ‘start-up’ has now become a household name, with even TV channels getting on the bandwagon with shows like Shark Tank India. 

To gain global prominence, you have to create a world-class product, competing with the best of the best, and there is no better place to earn your stripes than in the social media & messaging space, where you have the biggest names in the industry. 

It’s about time someone put India on the map when it comes to producing a world-class social platform, and that’s what Zlen is here to do. 

The Homegrown Future of Social Media 

Social media has grown exponentially, and with all its positives comes its fair share of drawbacks. One of the most significant issues not currently addressed by any social platform is the privacy of its users. As people worldwide become more aware and conscious of their privacy online, there is a need to provide a space where social media and privacy can go hand in hand. Till now, we have been made to feel that privacy is the price we have to pay for having a fruitful social experience online.

 Zlen lets you have the best of everything. 

Intrigued? Watch this. 

The stand-out feature of Zlen is the Zlen Code, an alphanumeric code that works as an entry barrier. Only those with whom you share your Zlen Code with can connect with you on the app; in fact, they are the only ones who will know you exist on the app. Unlike other social media platforms, no one on Zlen can search you by your name, number, or email ID unless they have your Zlen code! In a way, you are invisible to all strangers, and people you do not (yet) approve of! 

The Indian Essence

Apart from its unique features, Zlen is completely Indian from top to bottom. From ideation to development to testing to taking it live, the whole process has been handled by team members based out of Mumbai & Pune – people like you and me who have a vision and dream to revolutionize social media. In the future, as the Zlen team grows, we will have members from all over the country contributing to taking this app to the world. 

Another Indian aspect of the app is the importance of community. Through Zlen, we want to build a community of users who respect privacy, believe in sharing happiness, and want to form genuine connections. Zlen is a safe space where you can unwind and connect with your closest people while enjoying your privacy. At the end of the day, social media was made to have fun, and if you are always going to be thinking twice about sharing anything, you really are not having fun. 

The Revolution has Begun

What we have at Zlen is a unique concept that will shape how society views privacy in the online space. We believe that if we can do it, so can you. We have great talent in our country, and coming from people who have taken that step, we urge you to explore- if you have an idea, just get started. You have it in you to create, build and take on the world. 

Put on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride; we are just getting started. 

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