Relationship Matters – The Need for Privacy

Privacy in a relationship is sometimes overlooked and taken for granted. On the face of it, you might think it’s not that big a deal, but that could also be a result of de-sensitization by prolonged social media exposure. All the #couplegoals photos make you wonder if there is anything about these people you don’t know. 

As oversharing and the lack of privacy on social media increases, people are becoming more conscious about sharing any aspect of their personal life online. A relationship is one of the most intimate things in a person’s life. Each person has a different comfort level, and many people want to keep their relationships private, whether it be from work colleagues, friends, or even family. 

Every Relationship Deserves Privacy

A lot goes into building and maintaining a healthy relationship. Sometimes sharing your personal life on social media brings about a lot of scrutiny and unwanted opinions from other people in your social circle, and this seems into the dynamics of a relationship.

There is also the element of validation that comes with the constant sharing, and before you know it, your trips, dates & regular days become more about sharing it with strangers than with each other. This might seem a small problem at first, but eventually, it might blind you from what you both want, and it might become all about what the world wants to see.

The most critical aspect of maintaining the privacy of a relationship is to stay away from the judging and intrusive people in your social space, regardless of whether they are strangers or people you know. There are always people who tend to give unsolicited advice or comments about relationships, which can negatively affect the people who are actually in the relationship. For that reason, people prefer to keep their relationships to themselves even though they would like to share or express with people they care about. 

Zlen – A Space for Your Love 

There’s a common belief that to be socially connected online, a certain level of privacy has to be compromised. That is most definitely not true. At Zlen, we give you a space to be socially connected yet have the best privacy. Once you sign up on Zlen, you will get a unique ZlenCode which you share with only the people you want to add. No one else will be able to find you on Zlen using your name, number, or email ID, like on other platforms.

Zlen provides total privacy for you and your partner, enabling you to create spaces for yourself and those you trust. This is one place where you can share your relationship with your circle without being judged or unnecessarily questioned. Zlen gives you all the features of both social media – posts, statuses, polls, and messengers – private chats, group chats, and more, so you will never miss out on any of the fun.  Create your own space with Zlen, which puts privacy in your own hands and lets you be your true self.

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