“Do I Need to Add Them Back?”

It’s a warm sunny day; you are enjoying your cup of coffee/tea, and then *ping* your phone chimes. You pick it up to see a notification that your best friend’s classmate has added you. You saw them one time at a birthday and exchanged an awkward hello, which does not technically make you friends or even acquaintances. Now what? Do you ignore their request, or do you add them back? Will your best friend get offended if you don’t accept the request? Will the conversation get even more awkward the next time you encounter them? These thoughts take over your mind and the day is pretty much gone at this point, and it’s all because of one request. 

Am I Obligated to Accept Requests?

Most people find themselves in this situation and think it is an obligation to let these partially or totally unknown persons into their personal and maybe embarrassing social media profiles. Although it may not seem like a huge problem at first, it sure does seem invasive­­- when you see them lurking in your stories and posts. Additionally, you might not be as close to them as they might think you both are, so this can give rise to an uneasy situation in which, much more than often, one finds themselves struggling through. Refusing requests from this “maybe acquaintance” can also make a person feel guilty and outright mean. This cycle of guilt and refusal keeps going on and never seems to stop. If we had a penny each time we felt this, we’d be millionaires for sure.

The Intrusiveness of Social Media

We find these issues with many social media platforms that we are a part of, so looking out for our privacy on such public platforms becomes a task. Most social media platforms allow your followers to view your profile, your status, and whether you’re online or not at any time of the day. Although a few might have the option to hide these for everybody, a few loopholes continue to exist even on these social media applications. 

To break this cycle and finally help us find a solution to this problem, we present Zlen. On this platform, you can maintain the exclusivity of your friend circle and maintain your privacy. On this new and innovative app, nobody can add you without your consent. You can keep your circle private without the need to let anyone enter your personal space uninvited. Additionally, you also will not have to worry about people checking your profile picture, status, or if you are online. In today’s world, having privacy on a social media platform that tailors your experience as per your needs is a dream come true, and Zlen does just that!

So what are you waiting for? Kick back, relax and experience pure Zlen!

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