Why does Zlen have the ‘Zlen Code’?

Not everyone understands social etiquette. And to be fair, it can be quite difficult to gauge what others think of you and how they feel about the equation that they have with you.

Though it is tough offline, it can be MUCH harder online. Few follow social media etiquette. (Is there really even any etiquette on mainstream social media at all? That’s a whole other debate.)

That is pretty much why, sometimes you need a digital space just for the people closest to you. As a student, you wouldn’t hang out with your entire class right? As a working professional, how often do you party with all your colleagues AND your bosses? (If you do, let me know where you work, I might want to join :P)

Like I said earlier, not everyone gets offline social media etiquette. Imagine you are throwing a party for your close friends and somehow, your bosses/acquaintances/neighbours find out about it and ask if they can join in. Really puts you in a pickle doesn’t it? To avoid a scene like that, you’d have to work extra hard to keep your plans under wraps. Can’t even make a post on social media once you actually throw the party sheesh. 

Or can you?

Imagine having a place exclusively for you and your closest friends. A place in which no one could ever find you and ask “Hey can I come to the party you’re throwing on Saturday?” A place where you can share whatever you want with just your closest friends – with no chances for pokey noses to smell or prying eyes to peep at any of it. Offline, I doubt such a place exists, but online, that’s Zlen.

Mainstream social media can be quite crowded and brief escapes from it are always welcome. Still, the question arises: “How do you keep people out of your private life online?” Creating spam accounts or burner accounts is tedious and they can still be discovered by persistent individuals who really, really want to get in your space. Zlen has a solution that makes things way easier for you:

The ZlenCode – An entry barrier unique to your Zlen account that you can give to just your trusted friends so that they can connect with you on Zlen. Once you join Zlen, a unique alphanumeric code (The ZlenCode) will be assigned exclusively to you. It looks something like this: ZC0012542. Only those who have your Zlen Code can send you a friend request on Zlen. You also have the freedom to accept or reject the friend request (duh!).

Along with the alphanumeric code, you are also assigned a unique QR code once you join Zlen. This is a convenient way to add friends if they are in close proximity to you. Your friends will have to simply scan your QR code to send you a friend request and become part of your exclusive space!

This ZlenCode makes sure that your bosses, neighbours, stalkers and that nosy aunty who keeps asking you personal questions, won’t be there to badger you in your private life during your personal time. Now you can post whatever you want to, keep your “last seen” on, change your status, and do much more, without thinking twice!

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