Making Plans With Your Bffs Just Got Easier

Let’s admit it, it’s not always easy to make plans with your best friends and even harder to bring those plans to life, no thanks to those in the group who are professionals at last-minute cancelations! The pandemic has just made it harder to make plans with the fear of contracting Let’s admit it, it’s easy to make plans with your best friends but harder to bring those plans to life, no thanks to those in the group who are professionals at last-minute cancelations! The pandemic has just made it harder to make plans with the fear of contracting COVID-19, especially in outdoor places. The sad part is that some of us haven’t chilled out with our friends in months! Last year helped us explore a lot of activities that can be done online, but now that the novelty has worn off, even those are reaching a saturation point.

Sometimes, watching movies can be a hassle and plain gossiping can get boring, but where there is a will, there is a way. A nice video calling app & a great set of games can really make a night memorable, even if you can’t physically meet up, and even if things open up, it’s great to try out with friends in other cities. Here are some fun and unique games you can play with your best friends without going out:

  1. Covidopoly

An online, multiplayer game inspired by the real-life card game Monopoly Deal. The game includes a lot of references from quarantine days, such as “Big Cat Rescue” from the infamous series “The Tiger King” and “Vaccine Valley.” Players can also use masks as a part of the game and enjoy some stirring sound effects! And just like the real game, when it begins, there are no best friends, just competitors to defeat!

  1. Psych!

Do you really know your close friends as well as you think you do? No better way than to test the strength of your friendship and have a good laugh at the same time than a game of Psych! An online multiplayer game where each player is required to type answers for the trivial questions asked sounds like a perfect idea. A great way to have a good laugh about silly questions and sillier replies, after that’s the true mark of a strong friendship


Scribbling is integral in a friend circle, whether it is the scrapbook during school or the pockmarked desk during college. And while note everyone is an artist, it doesn’t matter when you play Skribbl. In fact, the worse you draw, the more fun it is! Skribbl is an online multiplayer game where one person must draw a word, and all the other players guess what it is. The one with the most points at the end of the game wins and like any game with points, its bound to bring out the competitiveness in your friend circle. 

Having a plan is well & good but how do you manage to get your friend circle together and get them to agree on things. If only there was an app that had just your close circle and also that gave you a way to come to a common consensus.  

Zlen To The Rescue

Zlen, is an invite-only messaging and social network application that makes organizing game nights like these easy and private! No more lengthy group debates; let the citizens’ votes speak for themselves! The Polls Feature on the app helps you gather opinions and preferences and also lets you select whom you want to share the poll with.

Zlen provides you with the most convenient features in one place and lets you create your own private social space. No more anxiety about someone catching you online while you make plans with your friends. Now you can peacefully switch off notifications from everywhere else and just enjoy your Game Night or weekend get-together online. So, share your unique ZlenCode, get your best friends on the app and have a good time, without anyone knowing or disturbing you.

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