Move beyond the judgements

Social Media may sometimes feel judgmental…
‘What will people say,’ ‘Log kya kahenge’ these two phrases have kept us from posting & sharing the content that we really want. The toxic environment on social media platforms has snuffed out the joy of using platforms and sharing things with friends. The dreadful comments from strangers and some pointed ones from your ‘friends’ really make the social media experience stressful. Gone are the days when we could post freely, upload albums online, and not think twice about the quality of the photos or content. We’ve seen a rise in toxicity & negativity across social media and messaging platforms over the last few years. Till now, the only possibility was to make your account private and hope that people already on your list won’t indulge in any sort of negative behavior, but let’s face it, the worry is always in the back of the head.
But you don’t have to settle anymore. We’re revolutionizing the social experience online with Zlen. Finally, there is a place where you can truly be yourself with the people you love without worrying about any of the issues you face on current social media and messaging platforms.
How do we do it? Each user gets a unique code on the app. This means nobody can find you on the app by your name, number, or email ID. Only if you share your code can someone find you and become part of your circle. You no longer have to worry about unwanted people snooping around your profile and trolling you because they will not be able to find you!
We’re sure it has happened to a lot of you that you post a pic that you always wanted to post, and after posting, you keep on checking your post notifications, and there are some weird comments from people who have not met you in person or whom you do not share any connection with. And there is no way to deal with those comments other than ignoring them or reporting them. Zlen helps you avoid such strangers and lets you enjoy your personal space with your close friends.
There is also an unheard-of feature – ‘Someone on Zlen’ that keeps your identity secret from strangers if you are added to a group. It also protects your identity when you comment or like your friend’s photo because no one else on their friend list can see your profile details unless they are connected with you.

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