KISS – Keep It Separate, Silly

It’s time we separated our private and public social presence, online. It’s almost 2022 and everything we do, wherever we go, finds its way to social media. That summer holiday with your best friends in Goa or your work trip to London, everything is diligently updated online on every platform possible. Of course, communication gets easier and we get to interact with lots of people. But it’s a slippery slope and everything that we do in our personal & public life gets measured by the number of likes and dislikes on our social media accounts. Not only is it an instant gratification that impacts our mood with alarming effect but also leaves your private life exposed to unwanted people outside your trusted circle.

It’s no longer something that just happens on a Black Mirror episode. Before it gets too late, people need to realize how important it is to create that distinction between private and public life on social media. Once you do that, you will start noticing some positive changes around you.

Better Mental Peace

Let’s admit it, we all love the likes and comments but the flip side is that when you’re caught up in it, you end up judging yourself and the quality of your experiences based on how others (mostly strangers) react on social media. You really might enjoy that new song released by your favourite artist and the last thing you want is some random person telling you how crap it is. Even if you have a tough skin, it does get on your nerves because the judgement and trolling is not something in your hands. In fact, what you post in a personal capacity can also at times have repercussions on your professional life. And speaking of professional life, just imagine gratifying it would be if you could completely disconnect from your workplace after 6pm and yet be connected to your closest friends without having to worry about someone from your office disturbing you.

There is no one solution for the chaos that is social media today, but the next best thing is to move your private life away from the public space. Imagine a place where you can enjoy the best of social media by sharing things, but not having to worry about what people will think or say. That’s Zlen for you. A place where its only your most trusted friend circle, who appreciate and accept you for who you are. Here you can share in peace with those whose opinions truly matter to you. Its even more handy if you have a boss like Michael Scott because without your unique Zlen Code, no one will even know that you exist on Zlen! No more ‘can you please share this tomorrow urgently’ messages, on a Friday evening. Nobody is asking you to leave your current online accounts and jump on Zlen. Other existing social media & messaging platforms can be used to smartly keep it professional and as per minimum requirements to meet social etiquettes.

Better Privacy

More often than not whatever your share about your life on social media, is a privacy risk. You may also share personal information about your close ones unwittingly (like their social media handles for example), and it gets exposed to strangers and other people you might really not want to share some details of your life with. Your number, your address, anything and everything is susceptible to being misused. All this might sound like paranoia but if the Netflix series YOU is anything to go by, it’s better to be on the watchful side.

On Zlen, you only share your Zlen Code with the people you trust, so there is really no question of any outsider or unwanted person getting in because they need to know your code and you need to accept it before they become a part of your Zlen Club.  Your details are still exposed on different messengers especially if you’re part of common groups (and there’s a ton of that) but on Zlen if you are in a group with someone you’re not connected with, both parties cannot see each other details at all. You will be only visible as Someone on Zlen. Privacy is no joke, and at Zlen we certainly take it seriously.

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