Don’t Have A Portuguese Passport? We Got You Covered

Those famous three words that you want to hear but don’t want to also at the same time – Work From Home. 

When the pandemic first began, it was music to our ears, chicken soup for the soul and whatnot, but now it’s become a free pass for bosses to be in touch all the time. The attitude from many companies has been that since you’re at home and have nowhere to go, the least you can do is keep working for 18 hours. It becomes even more difficult to argue when you’re suddenly hit with the “The company is going through very tough times” pep talk. Every time you are on your messenger after work hours, there’s a silent prayer that goes out, hoping that you don’t get a text from work because someone has seen you online. *Hope my boss doesn’t read this*

With WFH likely to be a regular feature of the post-pandemic world, things aren’t looking so good for work-life balance. Luckily for the good people over in Portugal, the government has come to the rescue. In November 2021, Portugal specifically banned companies from emailing and text messaging employees after working hours. They called these laws the ‘right to rest.’ Companies having more than 10 employees could face heavy penalties if employees are contacted outside their working hours. There is another law that allows staff with children to be able to work remotely. While we hope that this catches on in other countries across the world, it’s not something that will happen anytime soon. 

Time To Start Packing Our Bags?

So, while we wish we could just stuff our bags, pick up our laptop, and set off for the beautiful beaches of Madeira, we need to think of some practical solutions. Luckily there is a perfect getaway from bosses and work life while being connected with your social circle. On Zlen, you can create your own exclusive social space with only those you want to share your social life with. When you sign up on Zlen, you get a unique Zlen Code, which acts as an entry barrier to your space. But wait for it; without this Zlen Code, no one will know you exist on the app, and people can only add you if you have shared your Zlen Code with them. Pretty cool, right?  

So what if you don’t have a Portuguese passport? You can still draw the line and enjoy your personal space without getting bothered or interrupted all the time. Now, you can log off from work and mute all the spaces where you would normally get badgered and yet enjoy your social life with the help of Zlen. 

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