When Social Media Becomes Spookier Than Halloween!

Let’s admit it, social media is not always a fun place! No, we don’t mean the toxicity here, but it sometimes can be scary too!  R.L Stine Goosebumps type scary. 

There have been situations where people have found themselves in unfortunate situations on social media and we are sure just reading these will send a shiver down your spine!

You might have been in a few situations yourselves but we really hope no one has to go through it ever.

  • Friend Requests from Relatives

There are not many people in the world who are more curious than your relatives. It’s definitely a problem when they decide to check up on you on social media to know (read snoop) on what you are doing. You can’t not accept their requests because in the words of Dom Toretto – Family and then you get into the loop of hiding stories from them, wondering every time who will snitch on you to your parents. The headache never ends. Smartness is just getting rid of the possibility of them sending a request, and that’s where Zlen comes in. No one will be able to even search for you on Zlen unless you share your unique Zlen Code with them.

  • Posting a Private Story For Everyone to See

This is straight out of a Freddy Krueger nightmare. When you’ve had a great time on your ‘sick day’, painting the town red and in the midst of all the euphoria you post one story publicly instead of sending it to your close friends list. Social media is an unpredictable beast, one wrong click the whole world knows what you were up to. The worst part is, there will always be someone online who will watch your story immediately!

You can definitely avoid that nightmare on Zlen. Here, whatever you share will only be visible to your most private circles, only those who you have added through your Zlen Code. So you can go crazy with those stories without worrying if unwanted people might watch it.

  • That Friend Request from Your Boss

Personally, we are sure most people would rather try their luck with Jigsaw than accept the Boss’s friend request. Your boss may often say, ‘we are a family’ but DON’T FALL FOR IT! On a serious note, it is vital to draw a boundary between personal and professional life, even if you enjoy your job. Privacy intrusion by people who work above you, can suffocate you in the long run, and may potentially lead to clashes at the workplace too. Well, let’s admit, we have all lied to get that day off. But what if, your boss sees that you have gone on that road trip or a date with your partner. It’s not really that improbable for them to find out. On Zlen you can be sure that there’s no way their friend request is ever reaching you, unless one of your BFFs is a snitch.

  • Sending Screenshots To The Same Person You Were Chatting With

Screenshots & gossip go together like wine & cheese, especially when you’re chatting with your best friends. What is also common is sending those screenshots to the same person by mistake! And we all know how Murphy’s law works, that person would definitely see it before you can delete. After such a situation the only reasonable thing to do is to pack your bags, change your name and start a new life in another country. This might not be feasible for everybody, and on Zlen you can just avoid situations like this. The privacy controls in Zlen allow you to add only those people you want to, so there is no chance of the screenshot going to the wrong person.

  • Creepy DMs

Saving the worst for the last. Regardless of who you are, this is one of the most annoying and dreaded drawbacks of social media currently. Anyone and everyone can reach you at the click of a button and unfortunately there are people who don’t have the best of social etiquettes. Unwanted and unsavoury messages seem to the first choice of contact for this sort of people. Although we can delete it with a click of a button, sometimes, reading these can get into our heads and spoil our mood for the rest of the day. What’s worse is that it makes us scared to open up on social media to people who genuinely care about us. Practically speaking on existing platforms there is no way of stopping this from happening, however luckily for you Zlen is here to save the day again.  If no one can reach you without your consent then the question of unwanted DMs never arises.

It’s not possible to escape the above situations on conventional social media & messenger applications no matter what privacy controls you put. But with Zlen and its emphasis on privacy, you can be assured of a scare-free experience. Think of it as your virtual club with your favourite people, and with all the benefits social media & messengers – from individual chats, group chats, polls, sharing posts, etc.

Who said the Social media experience online cannot be fun all the time, its definitely possible of Zlen. Download now and change the way you connect with people for good.

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