How To Make Social Media Therapeutic?

Spending too much time online – Check, Anxiety over people’s judgement – Check, FOMO – Check. Unfortunately, this is something that’s true for majority of the people using social media today. What if we told you there was a way to make the whole social media experience more therapeutic?

Sounds a bit like fiction, right? Especially when you see the toxicity in today’s social media platforms? Well, think about it, the majority of social media platforms were created with a simple and honest intention – to connect people seamlessly. However, the way most social media applications encourage broadcasting your entire life, and nudge the hunger for validation from strangers, has spoiled the scene.

One solution that many people use to get rid of the toxicity is a ‘Social Media Detox’ – switching off access to social media for some days, weeks, or even months. While that is indeed effective, there’s a better and smarter way to go about it –using Zlen. This will let you have a wholesome social media experience, and weed away the toxicity.

Here’s how.

1. Stop Obsessing over Following and Followers

Unless you are a celebrity, a small business, or an influencer, the number of followers won’t really have a drastic impact on your life. It’s important to provide access on these platforms only to people you know, and more importantly, to people who are a positive presence in your life. However, with the present platforms, even if your profile is private, people will know you exist on these platforms and there is nothing stopping them from sending you a connection request and putting you in an awkward situation. The more requests of unknown people you accept, the greater will be the unwanted interference and eventual toxicity. This is where Zlen comes in. Zlen is all about sharing your private social space with your trusted people, so the question of following and followers doesn’t even arise. Your close circle can be 15 people or 5 people, and that is totally up to you. In addition, no one can search for you on Zlen, unless you share your unique Zlen Code with them.

Voila! No more awkward obligatory acceptances of random friend requests. 

2. Don’t Broadcast Your Entire Day

You really don’t need to prove how happening your life is, or how contended you are by putting it out there, especially when majority of the people following you or on your list are strangers and acquaintances at best. Don’t let the reactions of other people validate what’s happening in your life. However, the need to share personal success or happiness with your closest people is natural and now ingrained since we have all been doing it over the last 7-8 years regularly.  With Zlen you can share it with those closest to you, those who are more likely than not to have a positive reaction to what you share and have to say. Most importantly you don’t have to be worried having any personal details leaked while posting because its your trusted circle only on Zlen.

3. Learn and Be Inspired

Remember, what you follow on social media platforms is what appears on your feed. So, access content that is positive, and creates happiness for you. There is a good side of social media that we must make a conscious effort to explore. So many people are doing inspiring things, have amazing stories and overall, there’s just so much to learn about anything you want to. That too for free! When we look at our own circle, we see how inspiring those closest to us are. You will always be assured on Zlen that your timeline will always be filled with content that you relate to and that would excite you, because don’t we all want to share the happiness of our best friends and show them our support.

All of the above is only possible if you just let the good people in and this is what Zlen is all about. It gives you privacy by enabling you to invite only those people you want to, through a Zlen code. This means, unlike other social networks, no one can voluntarily search for you and send you a request. You get the best of social media & private messenger – talking with your favourite people, individually and in groups, sharing your photos & videos, creating polls and many other things.

It’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to social media, and using it the right way we can usher in a new era of a more wholesome social media experience.

At Zlen we want to revolutionize how everyone uses social media so that they can get the best out of it. We believe that to live in the future you have to create it now!

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