A Step Forward…

We are happy to share with you our first step towards achieving our dream. Infact, at this moment, as we break this news to you, our faces adorn a wide smile. 

Zlen has successfully managed to raise seed round funding. We thank Mr. Sagar Tungare for believing in our vision.

Here’s what Mr Tungare had to say,

“Snehal had pitched Zlen to me in February 2021. Since then I have been closely monitoring the progress of Zlen. I am totally amazed with the fact that even though the resources were limited, the team at Zlen has managed to deliver the app in such a short span of time. 

To sum it up, passion, great team, clear vision and impeccable planning, resulting in a great product to disrupt the market, made me believe in Zlen. 

Wishing you all the best!”

This will help us scale our operations and product development. This gives a strong validation of our dream to create a safe space for people who wish to connect with those they actually want to and enjoy that personal space through Zlen. We are thankful to each and everyone who is a part of this revolutionary journey. 

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